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Your Onboard Experiences

Our team has been working with you to create bespoke inflight products for over 40 years.

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    We developed new amenity kits for Air New Zealand Business Premier and Premium Economy cabins. In line with Watermark’s and Air New Zealand’s commitment to a more sustainable future, the kits are designed to be as plastic-free as possible. The kits were made from paper leather and kraft paper respectively, and are printed with solvent-free and water-based UV ink. In addition the Business Premier kits feature a unique contoured finish and gusseted base, enabling the kits to both fold flat and stand alone.



    Following the launch of Western Australia’s new global brand, Walking On A Dream, we partnered with Qantas and Tourism Western Australia on the creation of a special edition amenity kit to bring the brand to life in a creative and meaningful way, and encourage travellers to explore Western Australia.

    The design of the amenity kits was in collaboration with Wongi Artist, Kevin Wilson. Kevin is a Wongi man with an instinct for visual storytelling through art and design. He’s the co-founder and creative director of Nani Creative, and the WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 2021 Student of the Year. Kevin’s design explores Western Australia’s unique land in the form of a dream – capturing the themes of movement, wandering, exploring and discovery.

    Combining the elements of Western Australia’s ancient tracks, waterways and animals, the narrative explores their interconnectedness across all corners of the state. Grounding this narrative is the connection Aboriginal people have had to these lands, waters, and skies since the beginning of time.



    We partnered with Qantas Airways and Australian fashion designer Rebecca Vallance to celebrate the return of its operating flights from Sydney to New York for the first time since 2020. The amenity kits were designed for Qantas business class travellers and pays homage to New York and to drum up awareness of the new route.

    Each piece incorporates Vallance’s Avenue Astoria Collection print, which is a nod to the glamorous characters of New York’s Waldorf Astoria in the 1970s, where Elizabeth Taylor’s and Diana Ross’ comings and goings were well documented. The designs feature a monogram of the Qantas “Roo” and Vallance’s logo. The palette of blues and subtle Art Deco undertones reflect the heritage, glamour and sophistication of the Waldorf Astoria’s hotel architecture.

  • Centenary Amenity Kits – Qantas


    We created a range of amenity bag designs taking customers on a journey through the decades, with vibrant bags inspired by Qantas inflight uniforms from the 1960s and beyond.

    Designed to be reused, the bags include a dental kit, socks, eye mask and ear plugs whilst the the lip balm, hand cream and face cream feature the first indigenous skincare brand to fly, Li’tya. As part of Qantas’ environmental promise, this program featured sustainable inner items with recycled cosmetic packaging, compostable paper packaging, bamboo toothbrush and inner carton polybags with enhanced biodegradation properties.

  • Devrim Erbil Collection – Turkish Airlines


    We worked closely with Devrim Erbil, one of the most important living representatives of Turkish contemporary art, to create eight collectible pieces, each featuring a unique landmark of Istanbul, to serve as a lasting memory of the passenger’s experience.

  • World Traveller Plus Amenity Kit – British Airways

  • The Most Sustainable Amenity Kits in the Sky – Virgin Atlantic

    Amenities / Industry Firsts
    We worked closely with Virgin to create amenity kits that were both good for the customer and good for the environment. The amenity kits are made from responsibly sourced and fully recyclable FCS kraft paper, which is durable and and water resistant, with comfort items designed to be as plastic free as possible.
  • Luxury Linen with Sheridan – Qantas

    Industry Firsts / Textiles

    We partnered with Australian bedding and textiles specialist Sheridan, to create a full suite of bespoke textiles, including first to fly Tencel items, a pillow selection menu and a baby blanket.

  • Polaris Chinaware – United Airlines

    Meal Service

    We delivered a new range of porcelain items decorated with an intricate exterior to commemorate the unveiling of the new Polaris cabin.

  • Lightest and Purest Glassware – Qantas

    Industry Firsts / Meal Service

    We delivered lead and barium free glass saving over 20% in weight versus Qantas’ previous glass.  The products are manufactured in the only glassware factory in the world without a chimney, where all excess heat is used to power the local village’s electricity and purify the local water supply.

  • WestJet Meal Service Ware

    Meal Service

    We worked with WestJet in an accelerated design work-shop, developing the entire Economy and Premium Economy Meal Service range in just 10 days. The range was delivered 120 days later.

  • Super Light Service Trays – United Airlines

    Meal Service

    Through design and material choice we developed award-winning full and half size service tray solutions that delivered weight savings of over 800g compared to those previously flying.

  • Natan Amenity Kit – Brussels Airlines


    We teamed up with Belgian Fashion Icon NATAN to develop a fashion inspired amenity bag for Brussels Airlines Business Class passengers on intercontinental flights. The elegant yet functional bags are made from vegan leather and feature a woven hand strap to encourage post-flight usage.

  • A350 Limited Edition Kits – Virgin Atlantic

    Amenities / Industry Firsts
  • Eco-Warrior Kit – Air Tahiti Nui


    We developed a first-to-market bag material, paper straw, and eco-friendly contents. The kit includes a corn-starch toothbrush, woven bamboo eyeshade and blended organic cotton socks. The paper straw was woven using twisted strips of recycled paper and the entire kit was easily recycled, compostable, bio-degradable and naturally sourced.

  • Business Class Meal Service Ware – Delta Air Lines

    Industry Firsts / Meal Service

    We developed a product that could function within the unique cabin environment, withstand rigorous handling, and prove more durable than most standard trays without compromising on appearance. We created an ultra-modern shape, natural looking wood grain finish and invisible, state of the art slip resistant surface.

  • Premium Economy Kits – Cathay Pacific


    We designed and delivered a sustainable collectible amenity kit range, the first to be made from recycled PET and the first to use corn starch and cellulose. The kit contained a key feature allowing additional bags to be attached to one another, to create a wall-hanging accessory.

  • Scientifically Engineered Pillow – Qantas


    We worked with world renowned ergonomist Nigel Robertson to create a two-tiered pillow specifically designed to support the neck and back onboard for the most effective sleep in the Premium Economy cabins.

  • René Magritte Inspired Amenity Kit – Brussels Airlines


    We developed a keepsake amenity kit as a fitting tribute to Rene Magritte, the renowned Belgian icon to commemorate his anniversary.

  • Amenity Kit – Virgin Australia Business Class Sleepsuits


    In collaboration with leading Australian fashion designer Julie Grbac we launched a new range of sleepsuits onboard Virgin Australia.

  • Germaine de Capuccini Amenity Kit – Iberia


    In collaborating with iconic Spanish skincare brand Germain de Capuccini we delivered a new business class amenity kit onboard Iberia featuring locally made skincare items.