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  • Lightest and Purest Glassware – Qantas

    Industry Firsts / Meal Service

    We delivered lead and barium free glass saving over 20% in weight versus Qantas’ previous glass.  The products are manufactured in the only glassware factory in the world without a chimney, where all excess heat is used to power the local village’s electricity and purify the local water supply.

  • The Most Sustainable Amenity Kits in the Sky – Virgin Atlantic

    Amenities / Industry Firsts
    We worked closely with Virgin to create amenity kits that were both good for the customer and good for the environment. The amenity kits are made from responsibly sourced and fully recyclable FCS kraft paper, which is durable and and water resistant, with comfort items designed to be as plastic free as possible.
  • Business Class Meal Service Ware – Delta Air Lines

    Industry Firsts / Meal Service

    We developed a product that could function within the unique cabin environment, withstand rigorous handling, and prove more durable than most standard trays without compromising on appearance. We created an ultra-modern shape, natural looking wood grain finish and invisible, state of the art slip resistant surface.

  • A350 Limited Edition Kits – Virgin Atlantic

    Amenities / Industry Firsts
  • Luxury Linen with Sheridan – Qantas

    Industry Firsts / Textiles

    We partnered with Australian bedding and textiles specialist Sheridan, to create a full suite of bespoke textiles, including first to fly Tencel items, a pillow selection menu and a baby blanket.